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Chaim ben Berel

Thank you for leaning in memory of my late Father, Chaim ben Berel, Hedley Raff Z'L

דבורה רות בת שרה

Thank you so much for partaking in this huge Mitzvah to elevate the נשמה of Bubby Dottie (דבורה רות בת שרה). As we no the words משנה are the same letters as נשמה and for every word of Torah learnt in the memory of one who moved on elevates their status in the world of truth.

Yitzchak Asher ben Yechezkel Shraga

Dear family and friends, I would very much like to honour the memory of my father and help elevate his neshama during my year of aveilut. Please choose a mesechet to learn or if you prefer, some perakim, so that we can achieve this. We will PG hold a siyum at the conclusion of the year to celebrate our learning. Thank you so much.

נגבה בת רפאל

Yaniv has been a great friend and help to everyone in the community. Unfortunately, on Erev Tisha B'av he lost his mother, נגבה בת שמחה. Let us all get together and elevate her Neshomoh to greater heights. The Hebrew word משנה and נשמה both have the same letters. Please share in this great Mitzvah!!!

Shifra bas Moreinu Harav Moshe and Moreinu Harav Moshe Dovid ben Harav Yitzchak Eizik

Please join in learning Mishnayos for Community Synagogue's Annual Siyum Mishnayos L'Ilui Nishmos Rav and Rebbetzin Tendler Z"L

Binyomin Zechariah ben Alexander Zalman

11 month old baby boy, Binyomin Zechariah, was tragically taken from this world when steam from a radiator exploded in his bedroom. He was niftar Friday morning, January 19th, 2024 and laid to rest on Sunday, January 21st. We would like to complete the entire Shisha Sidra Mishna lz"n Binyomin Zechariah ben Alexander Zalman.
May his Neshamah have an Aliyah!
Please complete Mishnayos prior to Binyomin's first Yahrzeit which will be on Sun, Feb 9th 2025, (11th of Sh’vat).
May the mourners, his dear parents Alex and Betsy be comforted among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem along with the speedy rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash and the coming of Moshiach.

תהילה דבורה בת נפתלי

Thank you so much for learning for the elevation of the Neshama of our daughter.
תהילה דבורה בת נפתלי

Sarah Bat Yocheved

Thank you

Sion Ben Yaakov

Sion Ben Yaakov returned to his creator Bein Hashmashot of 16th Adar. We would like to complete Mishnayot by the shloshim.

Sion took the mitzvah of honoring the neshama of a loved one very seriously. He made sure to do everything possible on the yartseit. BH we hope to do the same for his neshama to soar & ascend

Shivah Ends on Friday November 29th, 2024

שרה הענא ווימר בת חיים עוזר דוד צוויגבאום

Thank you so much for your participation in the learning of Mishnayot in loving memory of Ellen Wimmer O'H. A wonderful wife, mother, daughter, grandma, sister and aunt.

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