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Learn In Memory Features

Divide up Mishnayos by Perek among family and friends in memory of a neshama.

Email Reminders

Set an end date for the learning of mishnayos and everyone who signs up will get an email reminder a week before that date reminding them what they took on.

Mishnayos Divided by Perek

If a full meseches is too much for a family member or friend, they can pick specific perakim (chapters) to learn.

Personalized and Private

Create an account in memory of a loved one and send out the private link to a selection of friends and family of your choosing.

Works Great on Phones

Participants can easily select a meseches or perek using their phone or desktop computer.

View List of Participants

As an organizer you can login and view who took what maseches and perek. You can edit the entries and take whatever is missing.

100% Free

This website is and will remain 100% free as a chessed to the Jewish community worldwide.

This is Why You Will Love
Learn In Memory

Still not convinced that this is the right tool to honor your loved one?
We built this website since we found no modern well built free alternative
online in 2016 and to this date, we have found none that surpass us.

  • 100% Free
  • Modern and Simple Design
  • Personalized with your custom message
  • Private
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LeverageIT has been servicing the jewish community for close to a decade and has worked for major non profit organizations worldwide. We felt that is was time to give back to the Jewish Community and encourage Torah Learning and honouring the neshamos of decased loved ones.